In the spirit of Christmas

There is so much that I could have said or could have written and didn’t. There are so many people that continue to be fooled by a fake smile, professional ability to manipulate truths and operate as a expert in narcissism. I always say you can only go forward and never go back, also that you can only get knocked down so many times before you can’t get back up. I’m not getting knocked down anymore without swinging back.

Social media is a very powerful tool and I’ve always tried to use mine wisely to help or inspire others struggling with the same or similar fate for their everyday existence. I’ve always tried to make something positive out of so much negativity and unexplained hatred. My posts are aimed into a positive light as I continue to live within the destruction and heartlessness of another. Shamelessly, always using our children in every possible way and seamlessly stealing their youth and innocence with unexplained hatred.

Last week, in the spirit of Christmas I asked one of my 9 year old sons what he wanted from Santa. Without batting an eye he told me his only Christmas wish…………..”Dad I wish you felt good everyday, that’s all I really want. You are my hero Dada, I love you.” We hugged and his eyes glassed up as I knew these words came straight from his tender heart, spoken with true love and total sincerity. I was deeply touched by his compassion and selflessness. Recently he also found $100.00 bill on the bus and gave it to the bus driver in hopes that it would be returned to it’s rightful owner. I am so incredibly proud of him and constantly blessed to have him and his twin brother as my sons!

Unfortunately, later into the week my son also relayed his Christmas wish for my improved health and relief from the painful symptoms of Parkinson’s disease to his mother. Her response was, “It is a waste of one of your Christmas wishes and you should pick something for yourself”.

Even now 1 1/2 years after our divorce this hurts my heart that someone could be so intentionally cruel and say such a cruel thing to a child. It will never make sense, and that is a very heavy cross to bare.

Going forward, this past year I’ve also met some wonderful new friends and a woman who is all about joy and living in the moment, romantic or not it’s s all part of my Christmas wish!

God Bless all who seek His healing and those with compassion and love for one another. Also, please pray for those with such hatred in their heart that they may somehow soften and for the innocence of a child.

Fight Parkinson’s, it’s what I do!

I only pray for peace.

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